French Kiss
French Kiss is a compilation of standards sung by Daniel Roure in the language of love and the French touch.
Review: Daniel Roure, French Kiss

Daniel Roure, French Kiss
31 Oct, 2014 Kelly O'Neil
danielrourefrenchkissThe brilliant follow up to French musician Daniel Roure’s Le Temps d’un Jazz is the romantic collection French Kiss. Once again surrounded by a bevy of immensely talented instrumentalists and fellow countrymen, not to mention Roure’s own fantastic piano skills, the familiar love songs on the album are given a French twist with amorous inflections and tight jazz synchrony.

Cole Porter’s “C’est Magnifique” features a fun and jovial aside conversation with the piano and alto saxophone as Roure sings the first half in French and the second in English. Translated “It’s Magnificent” from the 1953 musical Can-Can, the drummer does a phenomenal job of keeping a relaxed steady beat throughout the noodling instrumental solos.

“When You’re Smiling” was thrice recorded by Louis Ar
Released 2008

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